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Genuine Joy Music

About Genuine Joy Music

Genuine Joy is a moniker of singer/songwriter Joshua Wolak. Through irreverent piano, sermon and song, he hopes to steal the spirit of gospel away from the clutches of religion and deliver it into the souls of a spiritually united world.

Genuine Joy follows the vein of classic piano men (Elton John, Tom Waits), folk favorites (Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen), indie darlings (Conor Oberst, Devendra Banhart), Disney sing-alongs, and – his favorite vocalist – R. Kelly.

Genuine Joy songs will be released incrementally through his blog, The Agnostic Gospel, and eventually be compiled into album format. The blog hopes to highlight the process of creating these songs, as well as their greater spiritual purpose.

Ways to Listen

Right now, Genuine Joy only exists in live performance snippets on social media. As these demos are transformed into professionally recorded songs — a process this blog will discuss in detail — you will find them wherever online music is distributed and streamed.

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