An interview in anticipation of the new single, Still Waiting, out 03/03/23. Link below.

I’ve got a new Genuine Joy single dropping next week on 03/03, called Still Waiting! This will be my first release since relocating to the west coast, and it really highlights how my tastes have developed out here. As such, I thought it would be appropriate to re-post this SHOUTOUT LA interview, which highlights the key experiences I’ve had in California thus far.

In particular, I wanted to highlight one quote from the above piece in reference to the new tune:

“Life has a way of dropping little disasters on your doorstep. How can you maintain a spirit of playfulness when your health is waning, relationships are breaking, and the world is falling apart? How can you stay present and joyful in the face of ongoing trauma and endless injustice? I honestly don’t think it’s possible…”

In a sense, this is the mentality that Still Waiting melodizes. As a survivor myself, I am constantly pushing the limits of healing and well-aware of the odds I am facing. There’s grit to that, and sadness. But at the same time, I’m swaying and dancing in the kitchen over an earthy farmer’s market dinner. I’m kicking the asses of my friends in a board game, or online. I’m enjoying life, waltzing through the neighborhood and whistling while I work. None of these realities eclipses the others; they’re all here, all real, all true. I think you’ll hear it in the song.

In any case, recording Still Waiting with Bobby Chase and Daniel Ellsworth was fantastically fun. I can’t think of a better way to have captured the energy I’ve felt out here, and can’t wait for you all to hear it and vibe along next week.