Wow, can’t believe this one is finally here. This concept started percolating two years ago, and — as mid-term voting sets in — feels even more relevant now.

Being raised in the American wave of political evangelism, I was pre-conditioned to be hypnotized. If you put a man center stage, and surrounded him by loving people raising waving hands — it may as well have been the voice of God.

So deeply, deeply ironic that these same people attacked all media with ferocity, while following their own leaders without question.

Doubt? Skepticism? These concepts were demonic. Anytime I asked an honest question, I could see the looks of total fear wash over my elders — and even worse, my peers. I have grown old, watching those same peers deconstruct their faiths now, while it is in fashion. I suppose my concerns came two decades two early.

Even still, this issue is far more complex than good an evil. There was so much joy in beauty within the culture I was raised — but it had to be accepted as one unquestioned, fundamental whole. It had to infect every single aspect of my life, every single thought, every single action, every second of every day.

I still have not fully learned to treat the obsession-compulsive order that resulted, nor the anxiety that isolates me from love.

I would have rather left these topics behind, and let them decay — as all concepts do — over time; but when I think back to that child, terrified in the pews at his own perfectly human and perfectly rational thoughts, I realize I must speak now (even if I couldn’t then).

Treat your wisdom with nuance. Truth is beyond words, and your perception of it is inevitably wrapped in your unique place in time. I’d say let the spirit guide you, but if that spirit is an isolated and sheltered environment that condemns rational thought and restricts outside information — assume it is not worth trusting.

I declare myself an agnostic gospel artist merely because now, having had rational reasons every reason to fear and question everything I was taught as true — I am desperately trying to learn to love and believe anything at all.